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About EBN :: Our Team of Specialists

EBN's team is young and dynamic, looking after personal, corporate and clients' achievements, we are proud to have on board experienced and knowledged staff which can help our customers reach their satisfaction levels.

A mix combined from an IT, Marketing and Design background are our formula for success.

Why EBN chose Malta?

Malta is an island situated in the center of the Mediterranean Sea about 80 kilometres south of Sicily and 290 kilometres from the North African coast. Malta is therefore strategically placed for international business at the crossroads between Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

Malta is a small country with around 375,000 inhabitants nearly all of whom are fluent in English in addition to the national language which is Maltese. Other foreign languages are also widely spoken, particularly Italian and French. Malta can be reached by frequent and scheduled direct flights from most major European, North African and Middle Eastern cities that are served by Malta's national airline as well as by numerous other international carriers.

Malta enjoys a moderate climate of warm dry summers and mild winters with the maximum mean temperature being approximately 15 degrees Celsius in winter and 30 degrees Celsius in summer. Put simply, Malta is the ideal place to do business.


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