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We would like to invite you to consider the use and cost saving of the world wide web (Internet) and database systems.

It's important to select a package that meets all your targeted audience information needs--from item promotions, transaction processing to business intelligence and content management.

A website can be used for

Promote your products and services

Promote your company

Promote company news and current offers / issues

Interact with your clients

Sell directly online

Widen your customer base

Why Do I Need A website?

Improve customer service :: Purchasing products and services is a complex and often frustrating experience. A web site allows you to publish your products online and make searching and selecting easy for your customers. The speed and simplicity a database provides, will improve customer satisfaction and retention of online customers.

Automate customer interaction :: A database automates much of the interaction that takes place when a customer buys a product. This will reduce the amount of time you need to spend answering telephone queries.

Increase profitability :: Whether or not you trade online, your product or service will be far more accessible with a database driven website. Improved customer satisfaction and reduced telephone sales and administration costs will make your business more profitable.

Achieve customer focused e-commerce :: According to forecasts by independent research groups, e-commerce will create more than 200 billion worth of transactions annually by the year 2002, compared to 6 billion in 1997. To take advantage of this burgeoning market, businesses need a fast, efficient, and highly reliable e-commerce website. A critical component of this is a database that stores product and customer information and allows customers to search and select your products intuitively.

What Is A Database?

If you're not familiar with the term as it relates to the web, a database is a structured collection of data. It can be anything from a list of email addresses to a set of names, property lists, travel packages lists, products or service lists, addresses and phone numbers.

As the Internet matures, it is becoming apparent, that huge amounts of data and information need to be retrieved and made easily available for an e-business to succeed.

Dynamic website content (database driven) and the fast and easy navigation and retrieval of web information will give the competitive advantage that will create the difference between the success and failure of an e-business.

That said, it is imperative to analyse, design and develop a dynamic website to effectively meet the needs of each business and its customers. This requires understanding the business functions and designing the database to meet those needs.

What A Database Can Do?

There are many reasons to use a database-driven content management system as opposed to many static web pages. Several are:

Easier To Change Site Design :: With a database-driven site, there is really only one web page. The content of the site is inserted into this page dynamically when it is requested based on information passed to the page (such as the article number).

This means changing the look of the entire site can be as easy as changing the HTML in that one page. The page would contain both HTML and programming code for whatever language you chose.

Easier To Update Your Site :: Using a database-driven content system, you no longer have to create a separate web page for each piece of content you want on your site. By setting up a form which submits information to add to your database, you can update the site just by copying and pasting a piece of content into the form, and adding it to the database. If you write the site to take articles based on date, for example, the new content could appear immediately on your site.

The database also would allow you to add, edit or remove content from your site without editing many web pages. You'd simply have separate pages set up which allow you to edit the information stored in the database.

Help You Sell More :: By having a full detailed list of your products or services you can expose more your items and details so as to be able to get to know you more.

Reduce Costs :: By having a database you will reduce wed development costs, web maintenance costs, administration costs and lots more!


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