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Multimedia Works

EBN produces multimedia presentations that are used as interactive marketing, sales or training tools. We combine art and technology to create something unforgettable so you deliver the most powerful business communication possible.

Your message is 4 times more likely to be heard, or even viewed at all, if you send it out on interactive diskette or CD-ROM, as opposed to "plain old paper" brochures. A multimedia brochure or sales tool presents your product or service in a whole new light, and also brings a "cutting edge" profile to your business.

EBN creates multimedia content for CD-ROM productions and corporate presentations, bringing together many different types of media, including video, animation, graphics, text, narration, music and virtual tours. A strong emphasis is placed on quality design in two key areas:

Interface Design - the creation of graphical interfaces (the screen, buttons, colours, and other visual elements) that are attractive and communicate the right messages about the presentation's content.

Interactive Design - the creation of a navigation system that makes it easy for the viewer to explore their way through the content, and to quickly jump to any appropriate section.

Options of use

Corporate CD-Rom presentation

Web site introduction

Web site guided tour of corporate products & services

Marketing campaigns, seminars, corporate gifts and sponsorships


Attracts attention

Reminds people of you

Focuses attention during running of application

Reaches new clients & existing clients



Development of CD-ROM

The procedure taken normally is phased out as follows (The CD-ROM can be anything between 10 minutes to 30 minutes of audio and video streaming, the only dependency is the CD capacity itself):

Phase 1. Structure development & concept planning

Phase 2. Master Development

Phase 3. Cloning & Duplication


Development of Online Brochure

Customised or template developed brochures which enhance the corporate image and the products or services promoted level. The e-brochure can be also downloadable over the Internet or can simply be installed on your computers to be sent by e-mail or to be presented during a sales presentation. The functions of the e-brochure also include the option to be burning your own CDs at your office for distribution by your sales or customer care personnel.


Development of Online Site Tour

Customised presentation and tour of the web site including detailed analysis of important areas, how to use them, benefits of working with FIM Bank, help locate better the information required and interact with your user being an existing client or a potential new customer. It can integrate easily into your current web site as a new icon, on demand information or optional at entry level of the web site. (Such tour should be anything between 2 to 15 minutes).


Development of Flash Introduction

Customised presentation to introduce the corporate web site, helps in improving general corporate image, technological level and can be used to promote important aspects, products or services by integrating and focusing more into the introduction. (Such presentation should not exceed 2 minutes)


Electronic Books (e-Books) and Electronic Publishing (e-Publishing)

An innovation growing at a very fast pace is the e-Publishing; this also includes the development of e-books. Today it is very more likely to read an e-book rather then a standard printed book; this also has its high benefits, cost reduction and international exposure. Through e-Publishing one can discover an immediate response and a wider market share. The systems can be downloadable over the Internet, viewed over the Internet, duplicated in CD-ROMs, sent by e-mail and also in pdf format.


Live and On-Demand Streaming

With pride EBN can deliver Live Streaming facilities from any location by means of using our streaming server and equipment. It is highly suggested during events and to attract more attention, be innovative and increase the audience of the event. EBN would install its own equipment and connection into the area so as from your side only a telephone connection is required. Also this system can deliver on-demand streaming so as to be able to have recorded events or functions and clients or users can view at their leisure and time.




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