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Services offered by EBN

EBN doesn't just write software - we also offer comprehensive IT Support services. We have become the knowledge solution standard for small and major organizations across many diverse industries. Our customers use our products and services to increase employee productivity, increase brand awareness, increase exposure, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.

We are a leader in the knowledge solution industry because of our award winning products and services have proven great ROI (Return On Investment). Check our portfolio for an overview of the developed solutions.

EBN can assist you also for Connectivity (ADSL & Networks), WAN (Wide Area Network), Domain Registartion, Domain Hosting and other services which give you a single provider for your turnket IT project or department

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Web Design & Web Development

Redesign of current web site

New web site turnkey project

Web site hosting plan

Web site consultancy

Web site marketing plan

Web site Content Management Solutions (CMS)


Multimedia Works

Development of CD-ROM

Development of Online Brochure

Development of Online Site Tour

Development of Flash Introduction

Duplication of CDs


eBusiness Solutions


Development of eBusiness Infrastructure


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