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EBN is a dedicated software house for business applications, its highest level of development have been entrusted by leading local and international clients so as to be able to deliver leading edge solutions for their enterprise.

EBN takes a consultative approach to projects, that is, the process of helping customers to identify and achieve their business goals through effective use of information, technology and communication. EBN aims to deliver the ‘best possible’ solutions to its customers by way of careful assessment of their business needs.

EBN believes in a good quality of life for its customers, projects and the venture itself. This is being achieved through the provision of a holistic e-business model, where although emphasis in technology is made, however the human element and interaction is given precedence. It is believed that this mix of old and new economy factors in the way of doing business will lead to a competitive advantage and business growth. Thus the focus of EBN will be the front-end service and technological / infrastructure support, which EBN is confident to be able to deliver to each client.

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iPOS Management Suite :: A complete software to run your entire company from one application. Easy to use and affordable.

iManager :: An online editing tool which brings you in control of your web site and your online needs.

iPAY :: A European based e-Commerce Solution. Developed to maximise sales and reduce costs through predictable small amounts. Start Selling in Minutes, No Merchant Account Required!

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