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Privacy Policy

EBN is committed not to distribute any information gathered through our web site or any of our sales calls. We welcome you to verify this personally should you think that we have sold or distributed to any third party any information regarding our customers or any of our sales lists.

Terms of Business

Timeframe of works
EBN Ltd agrees to complete all contracted works within the estimated timeframe as specified between EBN Ltd and the CLIENT, however EBN Ltd emphasizes the importance of prompt delivery of required items from client.

Rates & Services
Rates, services and offers are valid only at the time of issue and may be subject to change without notification.

Interruption of Service
EBN Ltd reserves the right to temporarily or permanently disable any service due to a failure on the part of the CLIENT to implement any part of the agreement.

Materials & Contents
CLIENT must deliver all related materials within an agreed timeframe. If not, EBN Ltd will not be held responsible for any delays concerning implementation of works.

EBN Ltd does not convey, nor does the client obtain any rights in, the programs, systems, data (including any IP addresses assigned to Client) or materials utilized or provided by EBN Ltd in the performance of this Agreement, and all such programs, systems, data or materials shall at all times be and remain the exclusive property of EBN Ltd or third parties for whom EBN Ltd is acting as agent or licensee. Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed as a license or sale to the Client of any such programs, systems, data or materials.

Client Backup
Notwithstanding any backup services provided by EBN Ltd as a part of the Service, Client is responsible for maintaining a separate, current copy of all of Client's data that is hosted on the Client's servers.

Payment Policy

Payment policy for projects over EUR 1500.00

  • 30% in advance
  • 60% on different milestones during development
  • 10% final delivery

 For projects under EUR 1500.00

  • 50% in advance
  • 50% on completion

 For projects under EUR 500.00

  • 100% upfront


 ** Maintenance Contracts are optional and cost 15% of total sale value per annum.


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