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The Right Move:

“Whatever your mode of business, in whichever industry, iPOS maximises your efficiency."



iPOS Management Suite

“iPOS Management Suite – Our goal went beyond creating a product with innumerable features. Our intention was to address the common concerns of business owners and managers, across the world.”

The iPOS Management Suite is designed specifically to address today’s business needs of centralisation, cost reduction and speed. iPOS Management Suite was developed with the rapidly expanding companies in mind, growth and expansion are integrated and the software can grow with you and your companies needs. It's easy to set up, learn and includes all the most advanced accounting functions you need.

An enabled Web based software application that centralizes all your business operations and functions and which is able to grow with your own pace and not carrying you into faster moves that can be dangerous and harmful to your enterprise. The system incorporates the benefits of a real time working environment and the ease of use of a web browser. The maximum flexibility allows you to be always in control of the system and not being controlled and fully dependent on the software developed. iPOS is an intelligent web based software suite, which can easily integrate with lots of other uses and functions to help into the time management improvements, human resources, wastage, cost efficiency and monitoring.

Current iPOS Versions:

iPOS-MS version 1.00.1 [MSDE]

up to 5 users license :: REQUEST INFO

iPOS-MS version 1.00.2 [Microsoft SQL 2000]

up to 5 users license :: REQUEST INFO

System Highlights

  • Database connectivity to MSDE (Microsoft SQL or Oracle available)
  • 100% Customisation for your company
  • Non Custom pricing policy
  • Real Time Operations
  • Security Administrator with user-defined groups and rights
  • Data Verification System tracks / repairs damaged records
  • Connection of up to 15 outlets + 1 main store + head office + 10 auxiliary outlets with possibility to expand more
  • All users would have a unique user and id number which are always logged in
  • Possible to upgrade up to 75 users
  • Possible to incorporate up to 4 security user levels of administration plus top management
  • Internal memos and contact management
  • Online direct reporting
  • General reporting for VAT, Profits, Sales, Commission etc.
  • Pre-set unlimited number of products and / or services
  • Possible to integrate and input customer information database
  • Low Cost
  • Fast Return On Investment (ROI) Ratio
  • No Hidden additional costs
  • Integrated Customer Relationship Management Functions (CRM)
  • Optional communication with Web-site
  • Communication with Microsoft products (Word and Excel)
  • Possible to include payroll functions
  • Communicates with e-Mail marketing Software iMail
  • Possible to link to SMS Marketing Campaigns
  • Euro Compliant
  • Multiple Currency & Multiple Company
  • LAN Connectivity (Internal network connectivity)
  • Possible to WAN Connectivity (Different geographical locations)
  • Integrated Security Features
  • FULL on product training


Not Just An Accounting Software :: Its a Company Business Management Software!


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