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About EBN :: Overview

We bring together the world's best technologies to help our clients achieve four critical business imperatives, essential actions EBN has identified that companies must address to be successful in todays' digital economy.

  • New Means of Collaboration
  • Constant Improvement
  • Gain Trust
  • Eliminate Boundaries

EBN delivers a portfolio of products & services that helps clients embrace speed, transform their enterprises, respond quickly to opportunities, protect their physical and digital assets and go to market ahead of their competitors. World leaders of today’s fast global economy envision eBusiness solutions capable of superior performance, unbound by the concept of time and space. EBN Software shares their vision. We connect data and the decision maker for greater productivity, competitiveness and profitability. For those companies with a vision, EBN Software has the innovative products, expertise, service and support to make it a vision without boundaries.

EBN is committed to providing secure, customisable, easy-to-set-up, and scalable Internet solutions together with software requirements targeted to small and medium-sized businesses as well as to large corporate clients alike. The company handles web projects (covering web design & multimedia presentations) and web based software development (covering database functions and customised software development) thus entirely dedicated to the business-to-business sector. A young and dynamic team of professionals will assist you from concept to implementation and from integration to customer support. Surely too exceed all your expectations.

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